Hassle-free Spreadsheet Reports
Cirkulate automatically prepares spreadsheet reports from your database, without constant engineering or analyst intervention.
Single platform for
spreadsheet reports.
Cirkulate includes
bring together all related data for a decision in one place.
make it easy to share reports with team mates.
Scheduled Refreshes
prepare and deliver reports when they are needed.
Without Cirkulate, you need
Excel, Google Sheets
to show data imported from databases & CSVs.
Scripts & code
to tabulate data from databases & CSVs.
Email lists or Memory
to keep track of who needs access to a report.
Manual prep
each time report is needed again.
File a request
to get latest reports.
Hunt down report
among silos of dashboards, cards & emails.
How Cirkulate Works
Step 1
Add SQL & Formulas to Cirkulate Spreadsheet

Cirkulate spreadsheets auto-populate themselves directly from the database. There is no need to copy-paste data, import from CSVs or write scripts to tabulate SQL results.
Step 2
Invite Subscribers to Report


Your team-mates get instant access without dependence on other teams. No more wasted time due to mailing list management tasks blocked on engineering or IT.
Step 3
Set Refresh Schedule


A refreshed spreadsheet automatically arrives in mail boxes of subscribers. Go from waiting for data to arrive to waking to data.
Databases Supported
A Cirkulate spreadsheet can contain data from more than one database, so decisions are based on higher confidence.
Do What Matters
Act Faster
When reports reach recipients like clock-work, teams are prepared to act faster, not just decide faster.
Focus on Actual Work
Jam with teams around insights from reports and not over jammed reporting.
Have More Fun
With your new found free time, focus on more valuable initiatives or just take off for a few days.
Reporting Designed
for Humans
Reporting Designed for Humans